Bernie Sanders can’t pass single-payer

Bernie Sanders is a proud and self-described socialist, a veteran Vermont senator who wants to bring some European ideas to the United States. One of those ideas is a single-payer health care system — a government-funded program in which the patient bears little-to-no cost. Sanders describes it as … Click here to continue --->


Obama defends Muslim Americans

Last week, (Feb. 3), President Barack Obama made his first visit to a mosque in the United States, staging a high-profile show of support for a religious minority under siege. In communities across the country, mosques have been vandalized, Muslims have been harassed and political leaders have … Click here to continue --->


Snow or not, planet is still warming

Cue the igloos. The winter blizzard paralyzing the East Coast has given climate change deniers the perfect opportunity to proclaim, once again, that global warming is a hoax, that several feet of snow prove the planet is as cold as ever, that the Earth is flat: You can tell by looking outside. … Click here to continue --->


MLK’s answer to Donald Trump

When Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “Mountaintop” sermon in Memphis in 1968, he probably had not dared to dream of the astonishing racial progress that would be made after his death. If he had lived to a ripe old age, he’d likely be heartened by the election of a black president, … Click here to continue --->

Aylan Kurdi drowned trying to reach sanctuary

The Christmas story and Syrian refugees

There is irony aplenty in this season, which is celebrated throughout Christendom because of the tale of a babe born in a troubled precinct in the Middle East a little more than two thousand years ago. You know the story: A couple of modest means finds no accommodations, even as the woman is on the … Click here to continue --->