GOP protects the one percent

Remember the “47 percent”? During his 2012 campaign for the presidency, Mitt Romney was caught on audiotape describing nearly half the country in disparaging terms, labeling them moochers who want handouts. They are voters “who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are … Click here to continue --->


Obama’s improving economy

This is unlikely to prompt anyone to break out the bubbly in the Oval Office, but last week’s poll numbers are nevertheless unabashed good news for President Obama. Since Democrats were thrashed in November’s mid-term elections, the president’s approval ratings have been on an upward … Click here to continue --->


Global warming is still real

Still shivering from that frigid Arctic air that engulfed much of the country last week? Did you have to dig out your kids’ thermal underwear? I did — though I live on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, where the moderate temperatures hold down sales of winter coats. The Arctic blast was so severe that … Click here to continue --->


Obama is right about Cuba

It’s about time that a United States president had the courage and common sense to end our ridiculous policy toward Cuba. It was a relic of the Cold War, an outdated strategy that accomplished absolutely nothing except to give the Castro brothers an excuse for the dire poverty in which their … Click here to continue --->


Torture violates US values

Blame it on Hollywood. Too many spy movies and post-9/11 television dramas featured a hard-charging protagonist whose mission is to stop the evil-doers by any means necessary. Torture is an oft-used weapon in his arsenal. Just think of “24’s” Jack Bauer, who rarely paused before subjecting … Click here to continue --->