Human activity = worse storms

Even President Donald J. Trump, a man who trafficks in hyperbole, has run out of ways to describe the calamity that has unfolded in southeast Texas. He and others have bandied about words such as “epic,” “historic” and “record-breaking,” though mere rhetoric fails to capture the … Click here to continue --->

Too many walls already

During a rage-fueled rant in Phoenix a few days ago, President Donald Trump threatened a government shutdown if Congress doesn’t appropriate the billions he needs to construct a wall along the Southern border. Though he now ignores his once-upon-a-time pledge that Mexico would pay for the wall, … Click here to continue --->

Confederate memorials honor slavery

Our new government is founded upon . . the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition. -- Alexander Stephens, vice-president of the Confederacy, 1861 As if he had not already dumped enough fuel … Click here to continue --->

Republicans stand by Trump

Every week, it seems, a new poll shows President Donald Trump’s approval rating sliding further into uncharted lows, as the leader of the free world alienates allies, goads adversaries and challenges friends. Political commentators point out that no president in modern history has had approval … Click here to continue --->

Sessions getting what he deserves

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a true believer in the old order, a man whose worldview is based on the assumption that “Christian” white men ought to be in charge. He has spent his political career trying to claw back the halting progress that people of color and other minorities have made … Click here to continue --->