Cliff Huxtable is long gone

Until last week, TVLand allowed me a pleasant half-hour escape to a heart-warming, 1980s-era comedy that showcased an affluent black family living in Brooklyn, the Huxtables. Anchored by well-educated, professional parents — the father an obstetrician, the mother an attorney — the family … Click here to continue --->


GOP doesn’t care about jobs

As Democrats lick their wounds from last week’s electoral bloodbath, political analysts are poring over exit data to discern the message in Republicans’ resounding victory. Are voters unhappy with President Obama? Clearly. But the underlying dissatisfaction abroad in the land centers around … Click here to continue --->


Obamacare is here to stay

You've heard of Obamacare, right? It’s that disastrous, costly and intrusive policy that President Obama and his fellow Democrats rammed down the throats of Congress back in 2010 — a failed plan that conservative Republicans have pledged to “repeal and replace.” According to its critics, … Click here to continue --->

Nurse Kaci Hickox has defied Maine's quarantine

Republic of fear

"Keep calm and carry on." — British government poster, 1939 According to Hollywood, most disasters feature government or institutional figures who try to downplay the scale of catastrophe, at least publicly, in order to prevent mass panic. Rightly or wrongly, those fictional leaders want to … Click here to continue --->

Chris Inniss (left) and Shelton Stroman are challenging Ga's ban on same-sex marriage/AJC

GOP runs from its record on gay rights

What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago, Georgia, like several other states, was in a lather over same-sex unions; its voters passed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and that prohibition, though it has been challenged in federal court, still stands. It was a bi-partisan … Click here to continue --->