If you’ve served your time, you should vote

Of all the consequences of the nation’s decades-long infatuation with building more and more prisons and locking up more and more citizens, perhaps the most curious is this: more than four million Americans who have been released from prison have lost their right to vote, according to the … Click here to continue --->


Harriet Tubman’s valuable $20

The journey toward a more perfect union was quickened with the announcement that Harriet Tubman, abolitionist, Union spy and activist for women’s suffrage, will grace the front of the $20 bill. The Tubman twenty will be unveiled in 2020, timed to honor the 100th anniversary of women’s … Click here to continue --->

Barney Simms

When a black man kills another

Barney Simms, a retired government bureaucrat and civic leader, was murdered at his Atlanta home on April 9, shot dead in his front yard, his car stolen. Police have arrested 17-year-old Eric Banks, who, like Simms, is black. On the same day in New Orleans, retired NFL stand-out Will Smith was … Click here to continue --->

Al. Gov. Robert Bentley

Hypocrisy of the Christian right

In the waning days of March, a scandal engulfed the Alabama State Capitol as Gov. Robert Bentley fired his top cop, who then turned around and accused the governor of having had an extramarital affair. The controversy engines hit high gear with the release of a salacious audio tape, in which the … Click here to continue --->

Getty Images

Merrick Garland and GOP shamelessness

Apparently, President Barack Obama still believes that Congressional Republicans can be shamed. Apparently, he thinks he can persuade GOP Senators to consider his Supreme Court nominee with an implicit threat to expose them as hypocrites, obstructionists and revanchists if they refuse. Has Obama … Click here to continue --->