Warning: Reading this may offend you

The University of Missouri seems to have done a few things right over the past several days. After weeks of protests, during which high-ranking university officials showed insensitivity, at best, to the fears and anxieties of black students who grappled with displays of outright racism on campus, … Click here to continue --->


The puzzling popularity of Ben Carson

To read Ben Carson’s memoir — “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” — is to enjoy an uplifting and inspiring tale of a man who overcame a traumatic childhood to become one of the nation’s leading neurosurgeons. That man is certainly worthy of widespread admiration. But who is the guy … Click here to continue --->

Father and son

Joe Biden and the war on cancer

After Joe Biden’s Rose Garden announcement, news reports naturally focused on his decision not to seek the presidency. But the overarching theme of his short address was something more powerful and less political: This is a great country that ought to be more optimistic about its potential, more … Click here to continue --->

Amb. Chris Stevens

GOP keeps up its mindless Benghazi assault

"A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth – some obvious truth he isn't supposed to say." — Journalist Michael Kinsley So another Republican Congressman has come forward to admit that his party’s Benghazi obsession is little more than an undisguised effort to damage the presidential … Click here to continue --->

Where are sensible gun owners like my dad?

My father loved hunting game in the woods of rural Alabama. His idea of a good time involved getting up in the wee hours of a chilly fall morning and going out to sit for hours in a tree stand, waiting for a buck to come within range. As a gun owner, he was not at all unusual among his friends and … Click here to continue --->