Chris Inniss (left) and Shelton Stroman are challenging Ga's ban on same-sex marriage/AJC

GOP runs from its record on gay rights

What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago, Georgia, like several other states, was in a lather over same-sex unions; its voters passed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and that prohibition, though it has been challenged in federal court, still stands. It was a bi-partisan … Click here to continue --->


Don’t panic. Ebola isn’t coming for you

During the summer, I got hooked on a TNT drama called “The Last Ship,” an apocalyptic thriller about a global pandemic that wipes out most of the human population. As it happens, the telltale signs of this killer plague bear a striking resemblance to the symptoms of the Ebola virus. Indeed, … Click here to continue --->


Eric Holder’s legacy: voting rights

In certain circles, it has become fashionable to believe that the Voting Rights Act is an outdated vestige of a crueler time, an unnecessary bit of bureaucracy that imposes its own injustices. Last year, the U. S. Supreme Court endorsed that view when it threw out one of the act’s more powerful … Click here to continue --->


Holding a BB gun’s a crime?

The August shooting of 22-year-old John Crawford III by suburban Ohio police did not incite weeks-long protests, prompt Congressional action or provoke candid national conversations over race, as the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown of Ferguson, Mo. — which occurred four days later — … Click here to continue --->

GOP stops bashing Obamacare

In crimson-red Alabama, Parker Griffith, the Democratic candidate for governor, is running ads embracing a critical component of Obamacare. Griffith castigates his opponent, Republican incumbent Robert Bentley, for refusing to expand Medicaid, which the challenger says could benefit more than … Click here to continue --->