Jeff Sessions likes mass incarceration

With all the mayhem and malfeasance emanating from the Trump administration, it’s hard to keep up with the myriad policies and practices that are doing harm to the nation. That’s especially true at the Department of Justice, where Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems determined to turn back the clock to a meaner, harsher era — […]

Trump starts down path to tyranny

So it begins. The nation is edging toward the constitutional crisis that many feared would erupt during the Trump administration. Our democracy is more fragile than I knew. We are so bitterly divided, so consumed by partisanship and tribalism, that we seem willing to destroy the very thing we are fighting over: our country. Perhaps […]

Another police shooting, another dead kid

The latest tragic shooting of an unarmed black man — a child, really — occurred in a suburb of Dallas, Texas called Balch Springs. On Saturday night, April 29, as four teenagers were driving away from a house party, an overzealous police officer fired into the car, hitting 15-year-old Jordan Edwards in the head. The […]

The import of Donald Trump’s wall

“Build that wall!” That was one of the more popular rallying cries at then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign events and was perhaps uttered more frequently than the incendiary “Lock her up!” — a reference to imprisoning Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton. And the phrase has lived on. At athletic events, academic competitions and other non-political gatherings, Trump’s […]

The consequences of gutting Obamacare

In 1940, when my mother was 13 years old, her mother had a hysterectomy at a hospital in Century, Fla. As was common in small Southern cities in those days, the hospital was owned by a group of doctors, and patients only received the care they could pay for. My grandmother was among the lucky […]