This is American exceptionalism

On Aug. 1, 1966, Charles Whitman opened a peculiarly American chapter in the history of violent deaths. Mowing down unsuspecting students and tourists from a tower at the University of Texas in Austin, Whitman pioneered the era of mass shootings in this country. He killed 15 people and injured 31 others. Since Whitman’s massacre a […]

Donald Trump divides us

We are a nation at war with itself, cleaved in two by racial, ethnic and cultural differences, each side convinced of its own righteousness. These tumultuous times cry out for a leader of wisdom and maturity, patience and moderation, vision and moral clarity. Instead, we have President Donald J. Trump. He misses no opportunity to […]

Alabama’s Senate race a farce

In 1991, a political wit came up with a bumper sticker to persuade his fellow Louisianans of the importance of keeping Ku Klux Klansman David Duke out of the governor’s office: “Vote for the crook. It’s important.” Duke’s opponent was the notoriously corrupt Edwin Edwards, whose main virtue was that he wasn’t a member of […]

President Trump’s voter fraud

Among true believers on the right, there is no sturdier fiction — no more popular fairy tale — than the one that insists American elections are plagued by voter fraud. “Election integrity” is the hallmark of GOP activists, and stories that purport to show voter fraud are a staple in the rightwing media-sphere. Every now […]

Keep the DREAMERS here

If you listen closely to the most logical arguments presented by immigration skeptics, you’ll hear a recitation of the ways in which undocumented border-crossers drain public resources and strain the social fabric. You’ll hear about people sneaking over the border to take low-wage jobs from American laborers. You’ll hear tales of neighborhood schools overwhelmed by […]