White panic over a browning America


Norman Rockwell is dead. So is his America.If you find that declaration sad, or possibly slanderous, you probably have fond memories of “the way we were” during a supposedly kinder and gentler time before the civil rights movement, women’s lib and cell phones. If you don’t shed tears over that America, you may have grown […]

Why is the GOP attacking Ambassador Susan Rice?

UN Ambassador Rice

In 2000, John McCain seemed a respectable political figure — admired for his wartime heroism, well-regarded for his refusal to kowtow to partisan dogma, liked by journalists for his refreshing candor.  He failed that year in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, but he ran a decent campaign, sticking to the high road even […]

Cain has benefited from his blackness


With the dramatic accusations yesterday from a fourth woman accuser, Herman Cain’s campaign is in a tailspin from which he is unlikely to recover. So let’s get to it. First off, let’s clarify the accusations from Sharon Bialek: The account she gave yesterday was not an account of sexual harassment but rather a charge of […]

In defense of Cain, right-wingers yell ‘racism!’

I really didn’t want to write about Herman Cain today. He WILL NOT be the Republican presidential nominee, and there are many more important things going on — continued debt meltdown in Greece, Palestinians getting support in the UN, etc. But the right-wingers have forced me to stay on the topic of their favorite “dark […]

Many reasons not to vote for Herman Cain

I hold no brief for the spectacularly unqualified Herman Cain, but the allegations of sexual harassment aren’t a particularly good reason to count him out as a contender for the GOP presidential nomination. Bill Clinton was elected with allegations of philandering and sexual harassment dogging him throughout his campaign. Still, the political press is quite […]

GOP hypocrisy on deficits

“Deficits don’t matter.” — Dick Cheney, 2002 For more than a year, I’ve watched in sheer amazement as Republicans — fueled by the Tea Party — bludgeoned Democrats, especially President Obama, for blowing a hole in the federal budget. I’m amazed because it was the administration of George W. Bush, assisted by a GOP-dominated Congress, […]

A journey through the rabbit hole

Cynthia Tucker's Blog

  WASHINGTON — Once upon a time, taxes were higher and unemployment was lower. People prospered. The federal treasury overflowed. The deficit disappeared. Perhaps Americans have forgotten that era since it was so long ago — the Clinton years. Way back in the mid-1990s, the national jobless rate hovered around five percent. By 1999, only […]