Many reasons not to vote for Herman Cain

I hold no brief for the spectacularly unqualified Herman Cain, but the allegations of sexual harassment aren’t a particularly good reason to count him out as a contender for the GOP presidential nomination. Bill Clinton was elected with allegations of philandering and sexual harassment dogging him throughout his campaign. Still, the political press is quite […]

Pointing finger at Wall Street fat cats

WASHINGTON — There have been many wrong-headed explanations for the financial meltdown that fueled the Great Recession, but none is more ridiculous than this: The banks were brought down by greedy working-class homebuyers aided by the heavy hand of the federal government. In other words, a financial crisis that has swept through the Western world […]

GOP hypocrisy on deficits

“Deficits don’t matter.” — Dick Cheney, 2002 For more than a year, I’ve watched in sheer amazement as Republicans — fueled by the Tea Party — bludgeoned Democrats, especially President Obama, for blowing a hole in the federal budget. I’m amazed because it was the administration of George W. Bush, assisted by a GOP-dominated Congress, […]

Herman Cain’s odd views on race

WASHINGTON — In the 21st century, the black Republican is a rare creature, even when you count those of moderate views such as Colin Powell. Rarer still is the tea-partying, tax-cutting, Obama-dissing black conservative like Herman Cain, who is currently occupying the anybody-but-Mitt chair in the GOP presidential parlor game. There are sound reasons for […]

GOP Voting Measures Are Illegitimate.

WASHINGTON — When you are a 96-year-old, law-abiding, conscientious American citizen, you ought to be able to exercise your right to vote easily and quickly. You shouldn’t have to provide an envelope full of documents proving your identity — only to be told that you still haven’t shown that you are eligible to cast a […]