Obama’s liberal critics

  WASHINGTON —  After President Obama gave a stem-winder of a speech that drew a standing ovation from most of the crowd attending a Congressional Black Caucus gala last month, his most vociferous black critics among the liberal elite should have been temporarily quieted. But they were not. They distorted his remarks as an excuse […]

Worship of the rich

  WASHINGTON — When I was a kid — that was a while back, admittedly — rich people were just, well, rich people. They weren’t endowed with superhuman traits or placed on pedestals to be worshiped by the lumpenproletariat. They weren’t believed to hold special keys that turned the universe. They were properly viewed as […]

Move forward, gain closure, learn nothing.

WASHINGTON — It’s been ten years — a long and confusing decade — since jihadists committed one of history’s great atrocities on American soil. The 9/11 attacks were so shattering, so damaging, so terrifying that I desperately want to draw some profound lesson from the nation’s response to them. I want to salvage some meaning from […]

More than likely, we’ll never know.

WASHINGTON — Perhaps Troy Davis is the violent thug who senselessly gunned down an off-duty police officer in a dimly-lit Savannah, Ga. parking lot on Aug. 19, 1989. He was convicted of the crime two years later, after several witnesses confidently pointed their fingers at him as the triggerman who robbed Mark Allen MacPhail of […]

A journey through the rabbit hole

  WASHINGTON — Once upon a time, taxes were higher and unemployment was lower. People prospered. The federal treasury overflowed. The deficit disappeared. Perhaps Americans have forgotten that era since it was so long ago — the Clinton years. Way back in the mid-1990s, the national jobless rate hovered around five percent. By 1999, only […]