Would you want Ron Paul in charge of the FAA?

WASHINGTON — I was never one of the airlines’ pampered passengers. A few years ago, before motherhood and a recession slowed me down, my annual flight mileage allowed me the perquisite of early boarding — before all the baggage bins were full. But I rarely saw first class except when passing through it on my […]

Cain and Palin think their ignorance is ‘cool’

WASHINGTON — If you’ve been paying any attention to the trial heats of the Republican presidential contest, you’ve noticed an alarming trend: the conflating of ignorance with authenticity. Herman Cain’s fans, for example, seem to believe that his profound lack of knowledge about most of the world is one reason to support him. It makes […]

The truth about Newt Gingrich’s first divorce

UPDATE: Newt Gingrich has now set up a Web site designed to combat what he calls errors, false claims and outright lies about his past. In fact, Gingrich’s Web site, not surprisingly, misrepresents the past — cleaning up old misstatements, lying about past indiscretions and generally rewriting history. In this post, I took special notice […]

This is what Occupy Wall Street should denounce

Here is a story that deserves more attention than Herman Cain’s egregious sexual misconduct or Rick Perry’s infamous ‘oops’ moment: the allegations of insider-trading by members of Congress. That story deserves more attention, but it won’t get it. For one thing, there is no video to accompany it, no way to visualize it through a […]

Older white voters ‘uncomfortable’ with Obama

WASHINGTON — In August 2009, in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews asked me about the angry, frequently irrational voters who were showing up at town-hall-style meetings around the country to denounce President Obama’s health care policy. Having watched TV news reports, I knew that many of those voters were older white Americans […]