In defense of Cain, right-wingers yell ‘racism!’

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I really didn’t want to write about Herman Cain today. He WILL NOT be the Republican presidential nominee, and there are many more important things going on — continued debt meltdown in Greece, Palestinians getting support in the UN, etc.
But the right-wingers have forced me to stay on the topic of their favorite “dark horse” (Cain’s words) by playing the race card in his defense. Yes, that’s right. The reliably rightist brigade of blowhards has been reduced to claiming that Herman Cain is a victim of racism. It’s hilarious coming from a group who likes to pretend that racism doesn’t exist.
Just watch this video of Ann Coulter, who says “our blacks are better than their blacks.” Really.

Before Ms. Coulter inserted her foot in her mouth, the most outrageous comment had come from Rush Limbaugh, who claimed that Cain is the victim of the “ugliest racial stereotypes.” Limbaugh, of course, knows something about the “ugliest racial stereotypes” since he trades in them frequently and with great enthusiasm.
They are hysterical.

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