Cain has benefited from his blackness

With the dramatic accusations yesterday from a fourth woman accuser, Herman Cain’s campaign is in a tailspin from which he is unlikely to recover. So let’s get to it. First off, let’s clarify the accusations from Sharon Bialek: The account she gave yesterday was not an account of sexual harassment but rather a charge of […]

US needs those ‘anchor babies’ from illegal moms

WASHINGTON — Some time last week, demographers estimate, a baby was born who brought the planet’s population to a staggering seven billion. That’s worrisome, given the stresses on irreplaceable resources such as water. But the underlying trend that created a crowded planet is not a baby boom in distant, impoverished countries. It’s a phenomenon you […]

In defense of Cain, right-wingers yell ‘racism!’

I really didn’t want to write about Herman Cain today. He WILL NOT be the Republican presidential nominee, and there are many more important things going on — continued debt meltdown in Greece, Palestinians getting support in the UN, etc. But the right-wingers have forced me to stay on the topic of their favorite “dark […]