Month: February 2012

Why Obama is right about contraceptives

For nearly four decades, advocates for reproductive rights have been stuck fighting an ugly, expensive and sometimes dangerous campaign to ensure that women have access to safe and legal abortions. It’s a Groundhog’s Day sort of battle in which both proponents for choice and the opposing camp — rigid anti-abortionists — trot out the same…
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Update: Will rightwingers win over Susan G. Komen after all?

After several days of unmitigated disaster – bad press, angry donors, baffled supporters, unwelcome scrutiny – the leaders of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the world’s leading advocate for breast cancer research, moved to restore their credibility and calm the roiling waters that threatened to drown the organization in unfavorable reviews. It quickly became…
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I won’t wear any more pink ribbons for Susan G. Komen

I once trudged many miles in a cold rain to raise thousands of dollars for Susan G. Komen For the Cure’s fight against breast cancer. I won’t do it again. I once stood in the blazing sun to cheer men, women and young children walking in support of breast cancer survivors and in memory of…
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