Month: April 2012

Drug-testing welfare recipients a violation of conservative beliefs

Poor people are useful during a political season. Political candidates position them as distractions from the myriad problems for which they propose no workable solutions: Is the federal treasury awash in red ink? Are there too many demands on a shrinking government purse? Then, let’s tighten up on largess for the very poor. Never mind…
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About Ann Romney and motherhood

I came to this motherhood business late, after my friends’  children were all off to college. My energy, heaven knows, is limited but my resources more plentiful than they would have been had I adopted a child twenty years ago rather than three years ago. After a long career in the newspaper business — and…
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All-American madness: A love affair with firearms

It has been 46 years — nearly a half century —  since Charles Whitman, a troubled ex-Marine, climbed atop the iconic University of Texas Tower to use it as a staging zone for a shooting spree. He killed 16 people on and around the campus, including his wife and mother. The nation, while sobered by…
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