Month: January 2013

Even Republican voters now ready to support immigration reform

Caught in a time warp, destined to act out their own version of “Groundhog Day,” Republican strategists have reliably trotted out one of their most fearsome epithets from the 1980s and ‘90s to bludgeon President Obama: Liberal. In response to the inaugural address, Karl Rove has made the word “liberal” the refrain of a new…
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Gun violence is a critical issue for black America

For the Rev. Al Sharpton, well-known civil rights activist and television personality, the moment of personal reckoning about the apocalyptic toll of gun violence came in August of last year, as he walked into a Harlem church to deliver the eulogy for a dead four-year-old. Before that, like so many other black activists and ordinary…
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Chuck Hagel was right about Iraq, he’s the right man for the Pentagon

Chuck Hagel has committed unpardonable sins. He has violated the GOP commandment — popularized by Ronald Reagan — against criticizing his fellow partisans. Worse yet, in the eyes of those partisans, he has castigated the warmongering imperialists who dragged the nation into a disastrous invasion of Iraq. Recipient of two Purple Hearts as an enlisted…
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