Month: May 2013

The redemption of Genarlow Wilson

This is a story of redemption, a tale of obstacles overcome, statistics defied, clichés silenced. Last week , Genarlow Wilson, once judged an irredeemable sex offender, graduated from Atlanta’s Morehouse College, the small all-men’s institution that is the alma mater of Martin Luther King Jr. Convicted of the statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl during…
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What’s the real scandal in Washington at the moment?

Can President Barack Obama put out the brush fires that are sucking all the air out of his second-term agenda? Can he stop the spread of mini-scandals that are consuming Washington? No, he cannot. The president could (unconstitutionally) shutter every Internal Revenue Service office and fire every staffer, from top-ranking executives to lowly administrative aides,…
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The absurdities of the Guantanamo Bay prison

Sometimes, the absurdities of an official policy or action are so clear that they need not be elucidated. Such is the case with the Obama administration’s maintenance of the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, a grotesque place that only the novelist Franz Kafka, who wrote brilliantly of nightmarish milieu, could adequately describe. Last week,…
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