Month: November 2013

Remembering JFK

Looking back through the haze of history, it’s hard to see clearly a time when an American president would be driven through the streets of a U.S. city in an open convertible, wind swirling through his hair, as President John Kennedy was on that fateful day in Dallas fifty years ago. Yet, that picture emerges…
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On Obamacare, president’s credibility at stake

President Obama deserves forbearance on the bungled rollout of his health care initiative. After all, Republicans have dedicated themselves to sabotaging the law — withholding funds required for a smooth inauguration, harassing the experts hired to explain the law to consumers and even threatening the National Football League when Obama asked teams to advertise it…
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House GOP doesn’t care if children go hungry

For decades, I’ve proudly asserted that “nobody starves to death in America.” The comment has been addressed to acerbic critics of the American government, often foreign visitors, who insist that the United States is a mean-spirited place that casts aside its weak and fragile citizens. I still contend that nobody starves to death here, but…
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