Month: January 2014

Yes, the planet is still warming

Br-r-r! It’s a good thing I remembered where I stored all my old ski gear, including the thermal underwear that I hadn’t worn in years. I’ve needed it during a season in which even the Deep South has seen an epidemic of frozen pipes, single-digit temperatures and school cancellations without snow. School kids were allowed…
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The insanity of the gun culture: Chapter 619

Even though there is steadily accumulating evidence of the futility of criticizing the gun culture, certain episodes prod me to go there. One of those occurred recently, when an unarmed man was shot dead after assaulting a fellow movie patron with, ah, popcorn. This particular incident wasn’t one of those that dominates newscasts, that summons…
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The GOP’s magical thinking on poverty

Last week, Republicans marked the fiftieth anniversary of Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty by denouncing it as an abject failure. Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Fla.) performed a mathematical sleight of hand in declaring that “more people are living in poverty than ever before.” The National Review, the intellectual standard-bearer of movement conservatism, published an editorial relying…
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