Pope Francis is right about Donald Trump

Before Pope Francis spoke a single word at the Mexican border, Donald Trump had — quite predictably — denounced the pontiff’s message. The real estate mogul/reality-TV star has built his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination on an ugly nativism, so the moment was tailor-made for him. The counter-messaging only escalated after the pontiff told […]

Bernie Sanders can’t pass single-payer

Bernie Sanders is a proud and self-described socialist, a veteran Vermont senator who wants to bring some European ideas to the United States. One of those ideas is a single-payer health care system — a government-funded program in which the patient bears little-to-no cost. Sanders describes it as “Medicare for all.” It’s an excellent idea. […]

Obama defends Muslim Americans

Last week, (Feb. 3), President Barack Obama made his first visit to a mosque in the United States, staging a high-profile show of support for a religious minority under siege. In communities across the country, mosques have been vandalized, Muslims have been harassed and political leaders have questioned their patriotism. Hate crimes against Muslim Americans […]