Alabama’s Senate race a farce

In 1991, a political wit came up with a bumper sticker to persuade his fellow Louisianans of the importance of keeping Ku Klux Klansman David Duke out of the governor’s office: “Vote for the crook. It’s important.” Duke’s opponent was the notoriously corrupt Edwin Edwards, whose main virtue was that he wasn’t a member of […]

President Trump’s voter fraud

Among true believers on the right, there is no sturdier fiction — no more popular fairy tale — than the one that insists American elections are plagued by voter fraud. “Election integrity” is the hallmark of GOP activists, and stories that purport to show voter fraud are a staple in the rightwing media-sphere. Every now […]

Keep the DREAMERS here

If you listen closely to the most logical arguments presented by immigration skeptics, you’ll hear a recitation of the ways in which undocumented border-crossers drain public resources and strain the social fabric. You’ll hear about people sneaking over the border to take low-wage jobs from American laborers. You’ll hear tales of neighborhood schools overwhelmed by […]

Human activity = worse storms

Even President Donald J. Trump, a man who trafficks in hyperbole, has run out of ways to describe the calamity that has unfolded in southeast Texas. He and others have bandied about words such as “epic,” “historic” and “record-breaking,” though mere rhetoric fails to capture the magnitude of the disaster. Authorities are not yet sure […]