Modesty demanded, mercy rejected

MOBILE, AL. — You have probably heard about the sideshow put on by Alabama prison officials just before a scheduled execution late last month: A female reporter was hounded and humiliated over her skirt and her shoes. But you may have heard less about the main event, the execution, which was carried out despite pleas […]

Child rape and ‘pro-life’ cruelty

The callousness of the anti-abortion crowd was on vivid display in early July, when an Ohio newspaper reported the awful story of a 10-year-old rape victim who needed an abortion. Instead of reconsidering their heartless dogma, leading members of the pro-birth movement claimed the story wasn’t true. They desperately needed to refute the tragic tale […]

Justice Jackson, congrats or condolences?

As I always imagined it, the ascension of the first black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court would signal an era of progress, a time of triumph for those Americans who believe in the beloved community of which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke. I was well off the mark. This is no era of […]

Warnock far superior to Walker

If Georgians replace U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, with Herschel Walker, a Republican, in November, they’ll be making a poor substitute. Warnock has served Georgia well, while Walker is at least as poorly suited for the job of senator as his buddy, Donald Trump, was for the presidency. Still, Walker could win easily. He […]

Our crazy killed them

If those precious 4th graders at Robb Elementary School had still been fetuses in the womb — where they were nine or so years ago — they would have been vigorously protected under current Texas law, their welfare ensured over even that of the women who carried them. Any attempted incursion on those tiny clusters […]