Don’t impeach Trump yet

There is, indeed, a national emergency, but it’s not at the southern border. A despotic, corrupt, infantile, clueless and mendacious narcissist sits in the Oval Office, at the wheel of what is still arguably the most powerful nation in the world, his fingers on the nuclear buttons. He is reckless, impulsive and ignorant of the […]

Mitt Romney won’t resist Trump

Let’s give Mitt Romney credit for one thing: He knows how to draw headlines. Returning to elective office Thursday as a newly-sworn-in U.S. Senator from Utah, Romney had two days earlier published an opinion essay in The Washington Post in which he harshly criticized President Donald J. Trump. “It is well known that Donald Trump […]

Little hope for Peace on Earth

Even if humankind lasts another 100,000 years, which seems unlikely, we may never have peace on earth. Human beings seem wired for conflict, for envy of the neighbor, for hatred of the other. Besides, experts predict that climate change will bring on ever more strife as the hard-pressed and unlucky — residents of low-lying island […]

Christmas, Christians and a wall

The conservative media axis is aflame with anger and resentment over President Donald J. Trump’s failure so far to procure funding for his wall across the southern border. It seems an odd preoccupation in a moment of a teetering economy, a chaotic White House, numerous foreign conflagrations and multiple investigations into a corrupt administration, but […]

Aren’t black men “good guys with guns?”

For decades now, the gun lobby has vigorously promoted the dangerous view that citizens of the United States have the right to openly carry firearms wherever they want — while shopping at the mall, while eating in a fancy restaurant, while dancing in a crowded nightclub, even while engaging in worship at a church or […]